Anti-static ESD Black EVA foam for packing

Anti-static ESD Black EVA foam


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Anti-static EVA foam is based on the principle of EVA foam, adding corresponding ingredients to make it have anti-static function, and achieve the role of matching with electronic and electrical products.

This anti-static EVA foam is a new type of environmentally friendly foam material, which not only has a certain effect in anti-static, but also is a good cushioning, shock-resistant and heat-insulating material.

Items Technical Data
Conductive Antistatic
Model LN-1507032A LN-1507032B
Color Black Black
Density 80-100kg/m3
Volume Resistivity 10e3-10e6 ohm 10e6-10e9 ohm

1. Customizable size and thickness

2. Can be made into trays of different shapes.