Antistatic packaging Plastic blister tray for PCB packing

Customized ESD blister packaging tray


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Model LN-1513200
Material PVC, PP, PS, PE, HIPS and so on
Resistance 10e9-10e11 ohm, 10e6-10e8 ohm, 10e3-10e5 ohm
Size Customized
Service Accept OEM, ODM, 

Using advanced blister vacuum forming machine, It makes the blister packing quality stable and keep production data as well, Based on advanced technology, we could offer professional vacuum packing for electronices factories, medical and cleanrooms.

Currently, ESD blister material can divide into 3 type according to the resistance reading.

  • conductive: 10e3-10e5 ohm
  • Semi conductive: 10e6-10e8 ohm
  • Dissipative: 10e9-10e11 ohm