Leenol ESD Anti-static Rubber Floor Mat LN-503

ESD Anti-fatigue Floor Rubber Mat


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Product features:

  • High strength use design, suitable for people weighing more than 100 kg to stand for 24 hours a day, within 2 years of collapse wear manufacturer promises to replace free of charge
  • According to ergonomic design, soft and comfortable, effectively reduce the fatigue strength of standing workers.
  • 100% rubber material, wear-resistant, durable and non-slip, can withstand the weight of more than 100 kilograms, standing time more than 20 hours/day working intensity, no collapse.
  • Solid locking system design, locomotive rolling will not be removed, manual laying is convenient, without the aid of any tools. If the working position changes, the required size can be reassembled, and there is no need to re-order the purchase, reducing the purchase cost.
  • Suitable for a variety of super conventional or geometric shape work area, length 0.9--1000 meters, width 0.3--50 meters size laying; U - shaped L - shaped ring and other geometric position laying.

Scope of application:

  1. Industries: Automobile manufacturing, auto parts Manufacturing, aerospace manufacturing, mechanical and electronic manufacturing, warehousing and logistics;
  2. Area: suitable for geometric shape work area; Ultra-wide and ultra-long pipeline working area; The production equipment environment is constantly changing work area;


1)0.91M*0.91M thick 16MM

2)0.91M*0.61M thick 16MM

3)0.91M*0.31M thick 16MM

Model number:

  • W503 Standard type (Normal environment) Black or grey
  • E503 ESD type (ESD sensitive area) Black
  • FYL Yellow concave edge bar /MYL Yellow raised edge bar
  • FBK Black Concave edge bar /MBK Black raised edge bar

Technical standard

  • All materials conform to ROHS standard
  • Anti-static type: the surface resistance value is the same as the ground resistance value according to the AnsiesDS 2020-2007 standard: RTT less than 1X108 ohm (less than 100M ohm)

Warranty: 2 years permanent anti-static warranty