Leenol Two Layer PVC Anti-fatigue Floor Mat LN-408

Two-layer durable PVC anti-fatigue pad (heavy-duty type 2 layers)


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ESD Anti-fatigue Floor Rubber Mat

The advantage of ESD anti-fatigue mat:

  • Anti-fatigue floor mats can isolate cold air, reduce vibration, and protect products and tools dropped during operation from damage
  • Reduce production costs, improve employee health index and safety factor
  • Relieve the pressure of blood circulation in the feet, reduce physical fatigue by 50%, and improve work efficiency by more than 30%

ESD Floor mat Anti-static Anti-fatigue Floor Mat Performance:

  • It adopts advanced technology and is carefully made to meet the requirements of modern people's work comfort.
  • Permanently anti-static.
  • Flexible, resilient, easy to clean and easy to move.
  • The surface is anti-slip design with steel pattern or spherical pattern, which is safer to use.
  • Resistant to acid and alkali solvents.



Product name

Two-layer durable PVC anti-fatigue pad (heavy-duty type 2 layers)


2 layers: surface PVC rubber bottom PVC foam


can be customized to any size (maximum width 3M and maximum thickness 30M 12MM/15MM/18M


Black, gray, green, or other colors (all with yellow edges)

Recommended strength

Stand for more than 20 hours a day and weigh more than 60 kg;


Full warranty for 1 year


wear resistance, pressure resistance, long service life

Suitable area

clean heavy duty zone