Leenol ESD Grid opp tape with customized size LN-1507024

ESD Grid tape


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Anti-static mesh tape product introduction:

  • In addition to the characteristics of high adhesion, softness and conformity, and no glue residue after peeling,
  • Also has anti-static properties and clear transparency.
  • Surface resistance: 10 of 6-10 to the 9th power Ω.
  • Scope of use: suitable for pasting electrostatic sensitive devices, electronic passive components processing
  • It can be used with packaging bag seals and signs of anti-static clothing.
  • Products comply with ROHS environmental protection requirements.
Model Material Thickness Resistance Length Width
LN-1507024 OPP 2.5Mil 10e8-10e10 ohm 36m 3mm-980mm