ESD Electrostatic Adjustable Workbench 1530*750mm

ESD Electrostatic Adjustable Workbench 1530*750mm

ESD Workbench/Anti-static Work Table


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Anti-static Workbench ESD Work Table with Cabinet

Anti-static workbench is a kind of workbench with anti-static function. It is mainly suitable for electronic industry, pharmaceutical and chemical industry and places with strict requirements on static electricity. By using anti-static workbench, it can ensure electrostatic sensitive components and flammable Safety of explosion experiments.

Antistatic Systems Engineering:

  • Antistatic system must have independent and stable grounding system,grounding resistance should be less than 10 ohm.
  • The ground of antistatic working area should lay esd or conductive tileor conductive rubber floor mat.
  • Antistatic working area should mark label,hanging warning logo inobvious place.
  • The antistatic workbench could discharge the static with esd groundingsocket and match with antistatic chair.

ESD workbench advantages:

  • ESD Workbench Humanized design, in line with ergonomic principles, comfortable and beautiful, and improve production efficiency.
  • ESD Workbench Modular design, a variety of accessories can be combined arbitrarily as needed, and are interchangeable.
  • ESD Workbench Standardized design, can customize the products you need according to different requirements.
  • ESD Workbench High-quality countertops are made of anti-static fire-resistant boards, which have the characteristics of double-sided overall anti-static, fire-proof and wear-resistant.
  • ESD Workbench The support adopts the optimized design of steel structure, and is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, which is sturdy and durable.
  • ESD Workbench The metal surface is pickled and phosphated, and high-quality anti-static powder is used for high-voltage electrostatic spraying, which is smooth and beautiful, and will not yellow or fade after long-term use.
  • ESD Workbench The overall anti-static, fundamentally eliminate the threat of potential static electricity to the product.